Away from you

I am Jan,
an introvert born 20 years ago.

In life, there are times where people let go of you so you can learn to do things on your own. Just like how your parents let go of you and see you make your big first step in life. But sometimes, people tend to be stubborn and will only believe what they want to believe in. They tend to interpret that act of letting go as an equivalent act of not caring at all. Sometimes, you have to stop and think about your past actions. It does not matter how small or big the impact was, as long as it made an impact in your life or to someone else’s life, it matters. If you have something to say to those who let go of you, tell them. Let them hear you and in return, hear them. Life is not all about yourself. So, grow up. :)

We made this project last year for our first semester’s finals. I edited and directed this Ad for our major subject which is advertisement, and I had fun editing the video since I can see our faces on it. At first we were a bit awkward about it. Well, what can we do? It’s one of the requirements for the project. haha. So, we had to put that serious face on as much as possible just to finish the whole thing. Good old days. :)

For the translation (since it’s in Bisaya):
Speaker 1: What are we going to do, Baby?
Speaker 2: Quiz.
Speaker 1: Quiz? What kind of paper are we going to use?
Speaker 2: 1/4
Speaker 3: What’s wrong?
Speaker 1: My pen’s not working, can you let me borrow a pen?
Narrator: Frixion…
Speaker 1: This. Jan, why didn’t you write a score? I bet your ball pen’s not working.
Speaker 4: Don’t blame the ball pen, you don’t have a score!

(I hope it helped. ^^)